Standard Limited Warranty

Every ABCOOLAIR brand product is protected by a limited warranty on all functional parts. You’ll find specific limited warranty protection coverage listed with the product features, or you can get a copy of the warranty from your dealer.

Full details on the standard limited parts warranty are available for each of our featured products on this site. To view the warranty certificate for a specific product, please click the warranty tab then click the warranty certificate link below. .

Specialized Component Warranty

To ensure your satisfaction with ABCOOLAIR brand heating and cooling systems, special limited warranties are available on select products and components.

For example, some ABCOOLAIR brand gas furnaces carry what we believe to be an industry leading limited warranty coverage on the heat exchangers and specific ABCOOLAIR central air conditioning systems carry exceptional limited warranty coverage on the compressors.

Consumer Affairs

To speak with a Heating and Air Conditioning Consumer Affairs Representative from within the United States, please call 1-877-254-4729 OR send mail to: 19001 Kermier Road, Houston, TX 77484